INFINITAS TALENT operates in the Talent Search industry, across all business sectors, focusing on matching the individual needs of customers with clients.


Infinitas Talent serves both candidates and businesses in their search for tailored recruitment services. We offer both permanent and contracting recruitment solutions including specialised executive talent acquisition. Based in Auckland, we cater for New Zealand businesses across all sectors.


Infinitas Talent will take the time to really understand your individual needs and aspirations.


When you engage Infinitas Talent, we will listen to your requirements and endeavour to find that person you connect with. The one who adds value and succeeds.

Executive Search

At Infinitas Talent, we know your needs are bespoke. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Meet the founder

Jason Beith has over a decade of experience in recruitment in both London and New Zealand. He has experience as both a business owner with a market leading recruitment agency (London) and as a senior consultant for an established, well-regarded agency (Auckland). His experience spans both the contract and permanent markets, public and private.

Jason’s background, his ability to connect with people, his business acumen and his desire for people to fulfil their potential sets him apart in the recruitment industry. He specialises in finding people that not only full the job description, but also the culture and personal fit of an organisation.

Jason believes that when people are fulfilled in their working environment, they contribute, add value and succeed. He is dedicated to connecting talented people with fulfilling jobs